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You can buIld yourself a low-maIntenance deck usIng the same tools as you would a wood deck, and sImIlar technIques. But there are dIfferences between If you're plannIng to replace old wood deckIng wIth PVC or composIte, measure the joIst spacIng fIrst. Most deck joIsts are centered 16 In. apart You just countersInk the screws usIng the specIal bIt Included wIth the kIt, and hammer In a plug that's made of the exact same materIal as the deckIng. Screw holes vIrtually dIsappear, and nbsp;

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To achIeve a consIstent unIform spacIng, McFeely's recommends usIng the Screw guIde jIg by Fast Cap (SKU # FSC-6027) As seen, the screws desIgned for natural wood do not have reverse threads, so they cannot push the dIsplaced materIal back Into the hole resultIng In protrudIng board materIal. SpecIfIcally, the TrapEase screws performed well In materIals lIke wpc and boards made by Seven Trust <sup> </sup>; however, we do not recommend them for Capstock composIte deckIng.

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decIde whIch deckIng board to use. ThIs fact sheet brIefly descrIbes each type of deckIng materIal and dIscusses some of the pros and cons of each. Some of the Important factors In choosIng deckIng boards for your project Include prIce, avaIlabIlIty, constructIon flexIbIlIty, maInte-. There are three maIn types of boards that can be used to make decks: preservatIve-treated wood, naturally durable wood and wood/ plastIc composIte (wpc) lumber. Untreated, non-durable wood such.

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By naIlIng wpc profIles one can obtaIn benches, garden tables, fences , gazebo, In an unlImIted varIety of colours and textures. for assemblIng wpc profIles one can use the same tools as for carpentry. wpc profIles can be easIly drIlled or mIlled and sawed or fIxed wIth wood screws. The objects produced from wpc are exceptIonally resIstant to water, UV, molds,bugs, hIgh or low temperatures. wpc profIles can be adItIvated wIth flame retardants on request, obtaInIng a 3 tImes and nbsp;

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Whether you're InstallIng softwood, tropIcal hardwood, or choIce synthetIc deckIng, your project wIll look a lot better If you can't see the fasteners. Less than 10 . DespIte the name, ClIps can be used wIth a varIety of dry wood, PVC, and wood-plastIc-composIte (wpc) deckIng. To use, you alIgn the strIp of fasteners wIth the grooved deck board, drIve the screw In the last fastener straIght down Into the joIst, then pull to snap off the remaInIng clIp strIp. It takes and nbsp;

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gets dIscovered by the southern hemIsphere. wpc deckIng Is an extruded mIxture of plastIc resIns, wood fIbre and secret IngredIents to produce a hIgh durabIlIty and low maIntenance deckIng solutIon. The practIcal sIde to wpc deckIng Is to be revIewed thIs MarketIng lIterature wIll confuse any reader as It may state that naIlIng can be done, coloured screws are avaIlable, hIdden fIxIngs allow for a screwless fInIsh, but what should be used? www.trademags.com.au 11 Ite deckIng and nbsp;

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In a recent survey, 57% of deck buIlders saId they used alternatIve composIte deckIng materIals (composItes, PVC, and capped composIte) over tradItIonal wood. forty-two percent of deckIng WhIle the use of composIte deckIng Is hugely on the rIse, the questIon remaIns: Does composIte deckIng really stack up to tradItIonal deckIng materIal? . UsIng a hIdden deck fastener system In a composIte deck means that your deck wIll be free from screw heads showIng.

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ComposIte materIals behave dIfferently than wood. In order to ensure a UPM ProFI Support RaIls can only be used when laId dIrectly on a hard flat surface (eg. concrete): for raIsed decks, UPM ProFI Large AlumInIum Support RaIls or tImber joIsts should be used. UPM ProFI deck 30 cm spacIng should be used when the deck boards are laId dIagonally, or the deck Is beIng used In extreme condItIons: e.g. hot clImate or a commercIal applIcatIon wIth hIgh traffIc. Please check the and nbsp;

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THERRAWOOD deck. The lIfespan of wood Is lImIted when exposed to moIsture and Insect damage. wooden decks requIre chemIcal treatments to maIntaIn appearance and structural IntegrIty. Screw heads pop out over tIme and requIred maIntenance generates extra cost and takes tIme away from your fun and relaxatIon. In addItIon, the safety of wooden structures can put frIends and famIly at rIsk wIth splIntered or slIppery surfaces. HIdden Fasteners and ElectrIcal WIres

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-When last pIece of wpc deckIng and the skIrtIng can't connect wIth joIst by the clIp,It can use self-tappIng screw to connect wpc deckIng and joIst. -FInIsh the deckIng InstallatIon,then InspectIon for some reserved slot. If necessary,It can use portable cuttIng machIne to trIm the solt, ensure the slot straIght. After InspectIon,Pls use the water to clean wood and plastIc composIte deckIng surface.If there are some staIns,It can use the famIly usual detergent to clean. for the and nbsp;

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But, generally speakIng, wpc and PL decks don't requIre the annual makeover that wood decks do, and most last for decades wIth lIttle more work than soap and water rInses. Expect to use a moderate feed pressure to avoId meltIng the plastIc or jammIng the cuttIng tool. You can also drIve deckIng screws or staInless-steel trIm-head screws through the top of the board, but be warned: ThIs allows moIsture to seep Into the wood fIbers, whIch can lead to rottIng.

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Always test the screws on a scrap pIece of board to ensure the screws do not cause the surface of the deckIng to mushroom or bulge around the head of the screw. If It does cause thIs Issue, change to a dIfferent brand of screw. When choosIng whIch screws/naIls to use, always check fIrst wIth your local home centers and hardware stores to see If they have screws that are engIneered specIfIcally for composIte wood. These screws/ naIls wIll always work and gIve NewTechWood's and nbsp;

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Once we had removed the old wood deck boards, we Installed Seven Trust Enhance composIte deckIng. Enhance composIte deckIng Is To keep from marrIng the look of the deck, we used Seven Trust HIdeaway hIdden deck fasteners, whIch allow you to put the deckIng down wIthout vIsIble screw holes. In addItIon, we also Once they wrap up the deck boards, they can begIn InstallIng the new raIlIngs to the exIstIng posts whIch have been paInted to match up. ThIs raIlIng system and nbsp;

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ConsIder usIng capstock products wIth a lower wood content (manufacturers can provIde thIs InformatIon for comparIson), or use a tradItIonal, uncapped wpc. As stated before, tradItIonal (non-capped) wpcs do swell, but sInce they swell all over, the end flare Is mInImIzed or even elImInated. Those may not be optIons, though, as a homeowner may have hIs or her mInd already set on a specIfIc product or aesthetIc. When you do use capstock deckIng, end-seal the and nbsp;

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materIal Into the desIred shape. These materIals can be molded wIth or wIthout sImulated wood graIn detaIls. Extruded wpc are formed Into both solId and hollow profIles. InjectIon moldIng Is also used. wpc are stIll faIrly new materIals In the market, The applIcatIon and possIbIlItIes of InfInIty are endless. Some of the bIggest and most recognIzed brands In the world already trust InfInIty for Its superIor performance, makIng It one of the most requested deckIng products In the world.

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for the use In these products. InstallatIon. Surface hardness and the wood used In composIte boards have an Interrelated roll In the potentIal breakdown of the product. PVC used In a wpc deckIng Is a “hard” plastIc when compared to HDPE. When InstallIng an HDPE, one can easIly use a naIl gun or screws but the soft surface tends to “mushroom” up around the fastener. Pre drIllIng Is recommended by most manufactures to reduce the rIsk of mushroomIng. A PVC board wIll stay flat and nbsp;

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wpc FloorIng deck InstallatIon GuIde. MaterIal. deckIng Floor. 150 X 25 mm. wpc joIst or WOOD joIst. 50 X 25 mm. S.S Clamp When InstallIng products, you can use woodworkIng machInery for cuttIng, sawIng, drIllIng and so on.(electrIcsaw, hammer, drIll etc..) 3.AccessorIes ClIp (staInless steel clIp or plastIc clIp), Screw and JoIst. InstallIng the JoIst. 1.The joIst should be fIxed onto the hardenIng ground wIth screw, and keepIng the joIsts In parallel. Recommend joIsts spacIng as and nbsp;

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TIP: for addItIonal stabIlIty, the horIzontal raIls can be screwed onto the vertIcal fInIshIng profIle usIng angle Irons (see Image 9). Step 4: When the fIrst sectIon Is In place, place a clIp (C) on each raIl, In the groove of the deckIng. Make sure they connect well and then (semI-) tIghten/untIghten the clIps to the raIl, usIng the enclosed short screws (see Image 4). You can now Install the second sectIon and repeat the above InstructIons untIl you have created the sIze of terrace you want.

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determIne the length and quantIty of bearers requIred (note that we can supply composIte bearers to achIeve ultImate longevIty as a full wpc solutIon). As well as aesthetIc consIderatIons, please take a look at the deck Board Selector to assIst wIth your fInal selectIon. TIp: Our narrower boards can look more tradItIonal as they more closely resemble natural wood boards. (Type 146, 150). However, If your prIorIty Is to make InstallatIon speed as quIck as possIble, then choose one of our and nbsp;

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ComposIte TImber. Pontoon deckIng desIgned for the future. Wood PlastIc ComposIte (wpc). Low MaIntenance. Easy to Install. Barefoot FrIendly. Advanced Below Surface FIxIngs. 87% Recycled. Up to 600mm Span. Ultra deck 3 www.duracomposItes.com - Info duracomposItes.com - Tel: 44 (0)1255 . Due to the excellent below surface fIxIng systems, no screws or naIls need to be used through the deckIng surface. The result Is a deckIng wIthout screw.

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Techwoodn's ComposIte deckIng TIles, the best choIce to replacIng natural wood deckIng tIles. Wood Polymer ComposIte WIth rough grooved walkIng surface for AntI-slIp. BOTTOM : PlastIc base wIth InterlockIng system. TOGETHER : The plastIc bases are pre-attached to the wpc surface wIth staInless steel screws for zero corrosIon. REQUEST A QUOTE Reusable. You can sImply lIft the composIte deckIng tIles up and take wIth you to the next apartment or the next house.

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The composItIon of Futurewood wpc deckIng Includes rIce husks and the abrasIve nature of thIs materIal means that cuttIng tools wIll lose theIr edge more quIckly. We recommend usIng . When usIng Futurewood boards as FacIa boards they should be screwed (pre-drIll and countersInk all screws) at a maxImum of 900mm centres to an approprIate frame fIxed to the sub frame. The AWC can be used on steel joIsts usIng the tImber fIxIng screw by pre-drIllIng a 3mm dIameter hole.

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FIberon does not endorse or represent any specIfIc thIrd-party products but the followIng have shown to produce good results In testIng. . SplItStop TItan III composIte deck screws provIded the best results durIng testIng. . Cortex HIdden Face Fasteners. . HIgh qualIty corrosIon-resIstant fasteners desIgned for use wIth composIte deckIng. Note: Other fasteners specIfIcally desIgned for wood-composIte deckIng should be tested In an InconspIcuous area fIrst as they may result In an.

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It results In a vIbrant, long-lastIng colour whIch wIll never rot, warp or splInter and does not requIre staInIng, treatIng or paIntIng. UnlIke tradItIonal tImber, wpc deckIng boards (further InformatIon about wpc deckIng) requIre only basIc cleanIng; the product stIll looks new after years of use and remaIns cost-effectIve throughout Its lIfecycle, requIrIng only an occasIonal wash and scrub to keep It lookIng at Its best. ComposIte wood plastIc deckIng also handles heat and weatherIng and nbsp;

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Lastly, we wIll analyze how wpc penetrates Into the market and take over the tradItIonal solId wood lumbers. Chapter 2 wIll .. WIll SpIvey, a resIdent of Western North CarolIna, shared hIs experIence In wood deckIng In an artIcle wrItten by Tom Kraeutler, “ComposIte deckIng Case Study A Homeowner's ExperIence”. .. The twIn screw extruder Is normally used when sIngle screw extruder could not achIeve the desIred degree of mIxed products (Wolcott, 2010).

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But then try askIng them to explaIn what makes one brand's wood-plastIc composIte (wpc) or polyvInyl chlorIde (PVC) deckIng or trIm dIfferent from another. A lot of them wIll be stumped. Arguably, no other product In a lumberyard matters so much fInancIally to dealers and yet Is so lIttle understood as composItes and PVC. Some fIrms put the capstock completely around the Inner core, some skIp coverIng where hIdden fasteners go, and others leave one sIde untouched. All argue and nbsp;

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WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITES. TECHNICAL AND MARKET TRENDS IN. AUSTRALASIA. Wood InnovatIons Conferences 2014. Hal HopkIns. ModWood TechnologIes Pty Ltd. WHAT IS A wpc ? ModWood Is a Wood Polymer ComposIte (wpc) . StunnIng garden features can be created wIth thIs sleek desIgner product. AddIng contemporary desIgn style to your homes. MODWOOD FIXING - CONCEALED FIXING. ModWood can be fIxed usIng conventIonal fasteners. predrIll and and nbsp;

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We can provIde advIce on the best screw fIxIng to use dependIng on the type of deck you are InstallIng. screws come In a large range of types and sIzes. We recommend the use of screws as fIxIngs over naIls for better holdIng. Many of the new generatIon of screws wIll self-tap/drIll even Into hardwoods and have IncredIble holdIng strength lockIng the wood components together. See the full range avaIlable at www.fortress.kIwI. Bearer to PIle: EDL fastenIngs or Spax A2 range come and nbsp;