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With so many dock decking options to choose from, Flow Through plastic decking from ShoreMaster is the best way to go. Find out why in part 3 Special attention is required for composite decking manufactured with organic materials as they are more susceptible to decay than true plastic decking. Internal

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Looking for a residential or commercial floating wood deck or boat dock? Tech Deck. Our own exclusive desgin—The finest, most cost effective composite decking in the industry. Looks like wood. Designed for dock and marine environments; Spans 24' Open flow-through design allows light and runoff to pass through.

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We even cap the bottom of the deck board—a step some manufacturers skip—because 's got your backside. vs. Wood In the long run, wood decks can become an expensive and time consuming addition to a home. : ReliaBoard , TwinFinish , DockSider Collections.

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Depending on where you live in Peterborough and the Kawartha's, some dock and decking materials are better suited for your area. Our staff have taken a detailed from 95% recycled content. Composite decking is more expensive compared to other decking options, but it's durability pays off in the long run.

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ThruFlow interlocking deck panels are grated; this helps to . marine life by allowing light to penetrate waterways. PRODUCT DATA. Material. Reinforced Polypropylene (ThruFlow is lightweight in comparison to Ventilated panels keep air flowing while allowing you to walk freely throughout your.

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Whether you choose a hardwood or a softwood decking material for your natural looking dock, you'll be glad to know that each type of wood contains decking option that isn't wood or aluminum, but you just don't like the idea of all those holes in the surface of the “through flow” decking options you've

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Thruflow Dock Decking- Thruflow versatile grated decking features interlocking tabs and molded-in, slotted mounting holes to make installation very easy. Made of WxLxH (in). Description, Weight (lbs), Drawing. TF-M44 (MAPLE), 48 x 48 x 1.2, 4' x 4' THRUFLOW INTERLOCKING DECK PANEL MAPLE 16"OC, 21.6, N/A.

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The Bridge-Type Truss design of FLOE's Roll-In docks provide the highest strength-to-weight ratio available. A clean, sharp appearance is achieved by welding the webbing to the inside of the dock. Waves flow through this open design rather than pound against it. Life at the lake just became that much better.

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This deck rides on Styrofoam or polyethylene foam blocks that simply raise and lower with the flow. Pros: Easy and relatively inexpensive to build, floating docks work on most shorelines as well as in open water. Cons: Floating docks require a good 3 feet of draft underneath. They can bounce around in waves or the wakes

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ThruFlow's number one application use is in Pre-Fabricated and Permanent dock systems. ThruFlows interlocking decking system is the best dock decking panel due to its water resistance, anti-slip surface and grated design. ThruFlow is light weight so it allows for easy installation. Being that ThruFlow is grated it can also

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At ThruFlow we try to keep things easy! The most important part of the ThruFlow installation is ensuring the configuration of the supporting members be designed to provide independent structural integrity prior to installing the ThruFlow panels. Download the full installation instructions here thruflow-instruction-sheet

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#2 The decking material is 100% unique to dock manufactures and exclusive to Pier Genius it centers around recycled nylon carpet fibers. The benefits of this While these look like the run of the mill canopies you see around any lake in the US, a closer look at the details shows some really unique features. Start with the

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Dock Decking. Match your needs, style and environment with one of two DAKA decking options: Western Red Cedar Decking is naturally resistant to decay ThruFlow Decking is made from a strong, durable, long-lasting reinforced polypropylene material that is backed by a 12 year limited warranty. Titan. Thru Flow

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Aluminum docks will require far less maintenance over the years than other conventional materials allowing you to save your maintenance budget for expanding your marina's services. If your marina is looking to avoid the hassel of ongoing maintenance, the non-slip aluminum decking may be right for your project.

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Building a dock is a lot like building a deck — with wet feet. Like decks, docks have footers, posts, beams, joists, decking, and railing; docks also have the same load requirements as decks. A few techniques, however, are different for docks, mostly involving the footers. Where I live in Indiana, docks are

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www.boatliftanddock.com/p-326-thru-flow-decking.aspx Thru Flow Decking is the best and safest way to deck your dock in areas with large waves or high


On its surface is a field-proven weather resistant PVC coating that is textured to provide an all-season slip resistant deck. Additionally, Steel Dek panels are perforated for fast run off of surface water, snow and ice; to dissipate lift pressure from storms and turbulent water action; and provide light penetration from above.

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It does not require sealing, staining or treating, and is easy to clean. Thru-Flow decking is maintenance free and allows the water to come through the deck during a storm surge event to help prevent damage to the dock. We ONLY use stainless steel screws to fasten our decking. We also promote ½” spacing between all

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60" x 12" Thru Flow Outdoor Marine Grade Decking Panels Thru Flow Decking is the best and safest way to deck your dock in areas with large waves or high winds even hurricane winds. ThruFlow is designed to be the decking surface for a dock, pier, deck, patio, or any outside or inside flooring structure. It's durable

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Made from a highly weatherable, outdoor grade PVC, this decking is easy to install and provides a very low maintenance surface for your dock or deck.

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At Newman's Factory Outlet, we carry premium decking for all types of deck designs and structures. We feature Our superior decking panels from ThruFlow are ideal for walkways, docks or any outdoor flooring structure. ThruFlow is available in 3- 5 ft. lengths, and these allow for sunlight, water and debris to flow through.

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We offer installation on an unlimited supply of dock materials and accessories, some of which are: (Iron wood) decking, #1 and #2 pressure treated timber decking, composite decking, PVC decking, plastic grated decking (flow-thru), floating docks, aluminum gangways, ramps, bumpers, fenders, fish cleaning tables,

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Shorter boards used for docks can be significantly cheaper than longer decking boards. We buy from all over Brazil and are able to maintain a more consistent cost throughout the year but regardless of when and how much you buy shorts can run between $.50 $1.50 cheaper per linear foot!