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Engineered boards that are able to be floated either feature a tongue-and-groove construction, or edges with a locking mechanism, such as Armstrong's Lock and Fold technology. Using floating floors allows you to have the beauty of hardwood in moisture-prone basements, where a solid wood floor is not recommended.

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When you install the replacement wood, you often have to trim off the tongue and groove in order to get the piece to fit. Like it or not, this creates a weak spot because you've compromised the holding power of the tongue, groove and nail (or staple) holding it all in place. If the repair takes place before

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A step-by-step plan for putting down a prefinished wood floor. In most cases, you can install the flooring without removing existing baseboard, concealing the expansion gap with shoe molding (or quarter-round, which is wider). Or, you can remove the . Apply glue to the end groove of the new piece, and install. Slip a pry

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Should I expect my wood floor to splinter or chip? Will my Some are manufactured with exclusive snap-together tongue and groove systems, specifically for the floating installation method. Square edge Hardwood flooring has no beveled edges, the top surface edges of each wood plank or wood strip are milled square.

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We had engineered hardwood, made by Naturally Aged Flooring, put down throughout most of the first floor. The tongue and groove of engineered flooring is not square and the butt of the gun will chip it. See why an engineered wood floor could be your best choice (and no one will know but you).

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It does not, however, factor in time. DIY wood floors. First, Mr. SCC cut all the 8 ft planks into 4 ft pieces, then cut about 6 of those in half again to 2 ft sections. We pre-drilled the holes, to prevent splinters and splitting. . This is why wood flooring is made with a tongue and groove joint to accommodate for this movement.

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For flawless wood floors, avoid these installation and finishing mistakes. I love the look and durability of wood floors, and it's not just because I've been installing them since 1978. I'm impressed by a surface that receives . Some wood species are more prone to cracking than others. Cracking also can be

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With older wood tongue-and-groove flooring, gaps will inevitably develop between the boards. The problems with this are numerous. First, it is unsightly and it makes it difficult to clean because these gaps become dirt magnets. Not only that, they can become a trip hazard if the boards begin to cup or curl,

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Typically the wearing thickness, i.e., the thickness that can be sanded over the lifetime of the floor, above the tongue-and-groove portion, is approximately 7/32" Since hardwoods expand and contract in the width of the grain, this type of hardwood flooring is not recommended to be installed over a concrete slab, unless

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Prior to installing hardwood floors, the building must be structurally complete and enclosed, including installation of exterior doors and windows. All finished wall . Use adhesive such as Franklin's Titebond Tongue and Groove adhesive or similar product as recommended by your retailer/distributor Snap a working line

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In this video, I show you how to fill in gaps between hardwood flooring with wood filler. The process is relatively simple. Fill in the DOES ANYONE OUT THERE have the PROPER idea as to how to fill gaps in wood without acquiring further cracks next month??? I have wood ceilings and now have termite

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Jennifer asks, "How do I go about repairing a scratch in my hardwood floor?"Touch up kits are available for repairing minor damage to wood floors. If the.

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Installation methods for bamboo flooring including nailing, gluing and floating. Subfloor preparation and underlayments.

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This is a hardwood veneer applied over lower-grade pine flooring (originally meant to be carpeted). The strips of flooring tend to be quite narrow (typically 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inches wide). They are face-nailed, meaning they are not tongue and groove, but simply tacked down with finish nails into the joists.

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If you love the look and feel of wood beneath your feet, wide-plank heart pine flooring is an exciting option. It can't quite The tongue-and-groove pine flooring must run perpendicular to the floor joists. . Clamp on a guide to ensure square cuts and cut from the back side of the board (to minimize splintering the good side).

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InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. This article explains types of damage that occurs on various types of wood flooring in buildings. We illustrate buckling wood floors and comment on how they happen; we illustrate cupping

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One of the most common claims about bamboo flooring is that it is actually harder than hardwood floors. Some companies will even The reason why bamboo flooring is known for its environmental sustainability is that it is considered a grass and not a tree. This means that it is . It is tongue and groove. Strand woven

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Excessive force will cause the board to bounce out of place and damage the tongue making installation of the next row difficult. Remove any surface adhesive. If necessary hold the boards together with 3M 2080 Blue Masking tape. DO NOT tap the groove edge at any time. This damages the edge and may cause splintering

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A: Not likely and if you get the surface too wet it may actually cause the boards to crown, where the center of the board raises higher than the edges. If the boards have shrunk, perhaps It doesn't matter that the floors are tongue and groove regarding board replacement. Make 2 saw cuts down the center

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Solid wood, can be refinished up to 5 times. No limit in distance of continuous runs of this floor when nailed down or glued down. Typically nailed down or glued down, however can be floated using tongue and groove glue if stable humidity cannot be maintained. If you choose to float this floor in an

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installation, contact your dealer DO NOT INSTALL the flooring. . existing flooring. Do not glue, staple, or nail down hardwood flooring over particle board, floating application is acceptable (products 3” or wider). Do not install over existing glue .. until the tongue-and-groove is flush and tight and no gaps are present.

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Consider installing a V-Groove pine ceiling to add the warmth and richness of natural wood. This easy and Also, there should be no roof leaks which will damage the new ceiling. In order to seat each successive row, cut grooved blocks so hammering against the tongue doesn't damage the wood.

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Other than refinishing hardwood floors, the most typical repair we run into is board replacement. It may seem daunting to remove a tongue and groove floor board without damaging the neighboring boards, but with a couple tricks of the trade I'll teach you to get it done yourself if you are a brave DIY warrior.

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Saving that old hardwood floor not only makes sense from stylistic and cost perspectives; it also helps reduce the amount of demolition and construction debris sent to Ascertain the direction of the tongue-and-groove installation, so that you can work in the opposite direction as you remove the flooring.

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A 1918 bungalow in Mount Ranier, Maryland, displays beautiful, original tongue-in-groove pine floors that had been covered for decades by vinyl tiles—then subsequent layers of plywood, vinyl tiles, and carpeting—until they were refinished and restored in 2003. (Photo: Courtesy of City Lights Realty).

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Due to the softer nature of fibreboard, wood floors with a thin lamella or veneer are more prone to denting. Fibreboard is less expensive than timber but is not VOC free and is not environmentally friendly. Installation Systems. Wood can be manufactured with a variety of different installation systems: 1) Tongue-and-groove: