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“A plaza deck is a layer-cake of materials: the waterproofing membrane provides the base layer and the rest—protection layer, drainage course, insulation (or sometimes a fill layer of sand or gravel), and wearing or traffic surface—is 'overburden.' How those layers are designed depends partially on the design of the slab

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Bituthene Deck System combines Bituthene 4000 sheet membranes with Bituthene Deck Prep to provide a durable waterproofing system capable of accepting a wide variety of wearing Cold-applied, waterproofing system for inverted roofs, green roofs and elevated decks . At plaza deck to wall inside corners—.

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The proper design and installation for waterproofing a suspended slab Plaza Deck is more complex and challenging than a typical roofing project. Quality Assurance and Quality Control of any plaza system are a crucial part of a successful system and needs to be detailed as a part of the specifications.

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Plazadek by Duradek - Waterproofing Under Floating Deck Systems The Plazadek System is an application of Duradek Ultra Vinyl specifically for use with a paver or duck board overlay. The 60 mil product is 25% thicker than what is required for roofing membranes on commercial buildings (48 mil) and therefore capable of

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Plaza Deck Assembly - The Plaza Deck Assembly - Hydrotech's open joint architectural paver assembly, with a single-source warranty. Ideal for roof terraces, vegetative roofs and plazas, The Plaza Deck Assembly begins at the substrate with Hydrotech's premier waterproofing membrane, Monolithic Membrane 6125 , and

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1) DESIGN PHILOSOPHY AND PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION: Buried, Band-Aid Approach vs. Static Membrane Integration with Positively-Anchored, Purpose-Designed, Repair-Accessible, Movement Gland. Plaza and roof deck waterproofing involves a waterproofing membrane applied to a structural deck.


WATERPROOFING. SOPREMA. PLAZADECK. SYSTEMS feature various high performance, fully reinforced systems for applications including: Plaza Decks. Terraces or balconies. Split-slab construction. Below-grade foundation walls. Bridge decks and tunnels. Green roofs and planters. Roof decks in an inverted.

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All our products for balconies and plaza decks. Filter by function. Waterproofing; Vegetative solutions; Accessory products. Accessory Cap sheet membrane Capillary mat Coating Drainage board Expansion joint Growing medium Liquid membrane Mastic Primer Root barrier Sealant Waterproofing membrane

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Hydrotech's Monolithic Membrane 6125 , the original rubberized asphalt membrane, has been entrusted for over 50 years with keeping high profile structures we have developed a full range of thermal and moisture protection products, drainage systems, The Ultimate Assembly for plazas, decks and roof terraces, and

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VEGETATIVE ROOFS PLAZA DECKS INVERTED ROOF SYSTEMS Carlisle's Plaza Waterproofing System is built on two high performance waterproofing options 6. Cold Applied Adhesive. 7. Modified Base Sheet. 8. Cold Applied Adhesive. 9. Concrete Deck. FleeceBACK 145-Mil Single-Ply System. 1. Concrete Pavers.

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Under special circumstances plaza decks may be required to support truck and bus traffic or even construction equipment. A unique defining characteristic is the waterproofing requirement over occupied space, which at some level in the plaza deck system, interfaces with the wearing surface and/or

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PlazaDeck Systems. “Expand Your Living Space And Help Increase The Resale Value Of Your Property!” Choosing a GAF PlazaDeck (i.e., walkable) Waterproofing System for your roof or balcony can: Add usable square footage to your property; Increase resale value. For a surprisingly modest investment, GAF

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Upland Corporation is New Mexico's leading provider of commercial Plaza Deck supplies from American Hydrotech. Ideal for roof terraces, vegetated roofs and Hydrotech Plaza Deck Systems. The Ultimate Assembly begins at the substrate with Hydrotech's premier waterproofing membrane, Monolithic Membrane 6125 .

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We expertly install below grade foundation and underslab waterproofing systems and deck and plaza systems with concrete,wood paver or green roof systems.

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Plaza decks are hybrids—the water protection system combines the features of roofing and waterproofing. The Whole Building Design Guide's reference on plaza decks, as well as those of some manufacturers, calls installations where the waterproofing is below the insulation a “protected membrane” or

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Plaza Deck Waterproofing use Plaza decks typically consist of a concrete structural deck, waterproofing membrane, insulation, and pavers or a topping slab system. Proper drainage is a critical component in successfully directing the flow of water away from a plaza deck. Additionally, because plaza decks are typically

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Whether a 40 year recertification, reserve study analysis, or a condition assessment for property turnover, one of the most common and detrimental defects observed has been the failure of waterproofing systems on recreation decks or plaza areas.

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At C and M Restoration we provide professional plaza deck waterproofing. This involves a commercial waterproofing membrane applied to horizontal surface areas.

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Balcony / Plaza Deck Waterproofing. Constructed in 2010, the Georgia Gwinnett College Library is the first academic library in Georgia to earn LEED Gold certification and one of only seven in the nation. ERI performed the Installation of thermoplastic waterproofing membrane to elevated balcony decks prior to paver

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and tenants. And, by designing plaza enhancements such as fountains and landscaping concurrently with repairs/ rehabilitation, the necessary installation and maintenance of sophisticated pumping and irrigation systems, for example, can be successfully inte- grated with a plaza's waterproofing and drainage requirements.

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Plaza deck restoration can cause huge disruptions and creates potentially hazardous conditions to the occupants of a building. In addition, the longer the structure . STRATASEAL HR . A hot-applied rubberized asphalt membrane, STRATASEAL HR is ideal for protected roof and split-slab deck waterproofing applications.

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SBS-Modified Bitumen Waterproofing. The torch-applied, two-ply Teranap System is based on proven roof membrane design. The elastomeric base ply, Paradiene 20 TG, is engineered to retain its elasticity through the rigors of deck movement. The top ply, Teranap, consists of a non-woven polyester mat impregnated and

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Outline. What is Sustainable Waterproofing? LEED Rating Systems. Examples of Integrated Green Roofs and Plazas. Waterproofing Concepts for Green Roofs and. Plaza Decks. Conclusions

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With the growing popularity of green roofs and plaza deck designs that feature soil, plants and planters, waterproofing systems on your rooftop are now more important than ever before.The soil, plants and planters sit atop a horizontal surface, which makes it difficult for water to drain to low points and results

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Schnell Contractors, Inc. can assist in the design and installation of your next terrace or plaza deck project. This deck is something you will enjoy for years, so make sure you get the best. The waterproofing component of this system is the single most important phase since generally these systems are installed directly over